Precisely at the moment when America has chosen to embrace the cleansing path of honesty, faith, compassion, peace and hope, Eddie Cunningham's heart-blasting power gospel hit "Jesus Is More Than A Name" offers up a moving reminder of the role faith can play in our personal and collective transformation. Anyone who has felt broken and at the end of his or her capacity to cope can relate to an anguished cry for help in the dark. When all things human fail us, we call out to the Divine, hoping that our prayers will be answered. This multiple award winning song, sure to become a contemporary Christian classic, reminds us that prayers are not just words, they are an invitation to the Divine to enter our lives and to change them. Through humility and self surrender, we may receive comfort, grace and guidance. Eddie Cunningham is a power gospel singer for the new heart of America. Christians and non-Christians alike will be moved by this song and its message of hope and encouragement. Cunningham's voiIndependent Music Awardsce is as awesomely beautiful as his message is profound and universal. He sings from the heart and you know he has been there. As certain songs become identified with one particular artist, Jesus Is More Than A Name is Eddie Cunningham's. He owns it with this very personal, passionate and soulful recording of the song he co-wrote with Mike Ward, Ed Berghoff and, from the grave, Gram Parsons. Jesus Is More Than A Name is a beautiful and hope filled gift that one can benefit from receiving again and again in the darkness or in the clear light of day. ~Carole Roth


album cover

album cover

album cover






Eddie Cunningham living the vision
An innately talented young L.A. boy growing up from Downey to Norwalk to La Puente one day picked up a guitar and was on his way to living the vision.
Elvis & the Beatles began to stir in him a natural song writing & guitar playing gift and the boy Eddie started playing the broom only he played it upside down. Not knowing there was a wrong way to play it, this right handed boy played his chords left handed. One by one these came to him along with learning how to sing other people’s songs. The
blessing gave him not only the ability to write and to play but a natural voice as melodiously beautiful as Kenny Loggins and as deeply and stirringly soulful as Ray Charles. Eddie Cunningham comes from tough stuff, A Texas truck driving grandpa with Dakota Cunningham Indian blood running through his veins. Eddie’s grandmother drove a Hollywood taxi, hanging out at the Palomino, selling poppies for the American legion, while raising Eddie’s step brother Butchie who died from MD at 17.  Daddy worked 3 jobs to support the family, the primary one as a foreman in a steel mill while Mama stayed home to bring the family up right. Up right was work hard, care for each other, love each other and always do not the easy thing but the right thing. Eddie holds a Joseph Campbell philosophy although he never knew that’s what it was but again Eddie is a natural. That philosophy is for some of us, the chosen ones, the destination is the journey.. Be grateful for what you have, not only know who you are but as importantly know who you are not.  “I think the main thing is keep your heart on track don’t stray and don’t give into temptations that result into negative Karma….stay true to your path and work hard and play safe.” ~Eddie Cunningham.     Good lord willin' and the creeks don’t rise, Eddie is the vision.  ~Dolly Miller Brennan

Playing a right handed acoustic-electric flipped over to lefty adds subtle nuances to his chords, but it’s the sharpness of his observation and heartfelt melodies that make his songs so monumental." Rock City News - THE G-MAN (L. A. Music Awards Outstanding Music Journalist) 

No one I have EVER met has such an open heart for his musical muse than Eddie Cunningham.  Eddie is empathetic in a way that few humans ever achieve.   He does not judge anyone, yet, to the best of his abilities, he instinctively knows whether there is harmony or discord for him in the personal energies he encounters.  Still, since no one is perfect, Eddie experiences the full spectrum of human emotions and THIS is what helps make his wide spectrum of musical compositions, audio recordings, personal performances and gallery art so diverse yet so connected with each other.  His body of work can be viewed in total as a fractal of sorts.  One may not easily see the connection up close and personal in the moment by moment thread of Eddie's life expression, but take a step back and view the total art of the total man and one begins to see the transcendent tapestry which he is weaving.  There is an undeniable spiritual connection between all that Eddie creates and expresses.  The Tony Arata song "The Dance" (made famous by Garth Brooks) tells a story of someone who would rather engage love and fail than hide from love and the possibility of failure.  This is a beautiful metaphor for Eddie's life.  He is always willing to dance, just as he is always willing to breath.  So Eddie gives his love to life, even though he knows from experience just how much pain this can bring. For in spite of the possibility of pain, he refuses to stay off of the dance floor of life. Eddie Cunningham does not write for the sake of adding one more song to his catalog.  Eddie writes because he is compelled to express an often brutal honesty in his music.  Perhaps most important, Eddie writes because his muse will not allow him to ignore her, and because his amazing vocal talent allows him to share beautiful and sincere expressions of his heart with those who are fortunate enough to witness him loving everyone and respect everything.  For Eddie is not simply a performer; Eddie is a Lover in the best sense of the word.  He doesn't know how to "not love" all of creation.  This love is waiting to be discovered in his music and art by those who have "ears to hear" and "eyes to see".

(The writer has known Eddie Cunningham forever, though they first met in the early 1980's--no one bothered to write down the exact date. The two men share the experience of writing songs together in the course of the adventures they share) Gordy Thomas  [less]

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Golden voice BEN E. KING sings Eddie's song "IF YOU NEED A MIRACLE" for President OBAMA party.

 Finishing up the mixes on the Nashville Record with Mike Ward (Dierks Bentley), will be out in 2009, and I'm back at work hosting the Nashville Songwriters Association International NSAI showcase in North Hollywood with good friend CARY PARK as the featured writer. In  Nashville, I wrote some new tunes, recorded a new CD and the songs are sounding great!  the mixes are coming alive... Its a very stripped down record, just me playing the acoustic guitar with some hot pickers sittin' in.  Produced by Mike Alan Ward  and Me... its good clean American music and Mike's harmonies on the hauntingly beautiful "Room number eight"  are very cosmic. The song is a tribute to Gram Parsons written about the room he died in and so far it's the title track.  Grammy award winner Carl Jackson's (Glen Campbell) voice is brilliant on harmonies, My Nashville star song "Big dang star" is a true crowd pleaser.   "Hell house" sounds like a southern rock classic hit! worthy of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Al Perkins (The Stones) plays some scary shit on it! and there's a couple of Jeffrey Steele co-writes and Hall of fame legend  A. L. "Doodle" Owens "Where the wind begins". My favorite is the touching "I'm on your side" it soars with cello.  The record will be available soon at or you can get a signed copy by simply clicking here.     "I reviewed Eddie's music in 1997 with a rave review it was his first independent release on his own record  label Nufire records and today after listening to the new recordings, Eddie Cunningham's voice is as seasoned as my great grand mothers skillet frying pan and as penetrating as a lonesome train".  ~New Music West  - Lance Albright







PEACE AWARD for "WHY" written with Wendy Waldman after Columbine.





IAMA 2007 "BEST MALE ARTIST" for  "WHERE THE WIND BEGINS" and will be featured on the CD compilation.




West Coast Songwriters Home Page

"JESUS IS MORE THAN A NAME"  selected as a top gospel song by The West Coast Songwriters International





The First Annual Southern California Music Awards Show will air on Southern California Time Warner Cable stations.  Check your local listings. (In Orange County Time Warner Cable is channel 6). see Eddie receive his award for "Jesus is more than a Name" .



"Til my thirst for you is Gone" was the highest rated country song this week! please go there and give it a listen...thanks.

*please play Eddie's Country, Gospel, Rock and R&B songs at: AMERICAN IDOL UNDERGROUND  



"Bad Cowboy" written by Eddie Cunningham, Jeffrey Vice, and Billy Hester, performed by Jenny Slate produced by Jeffrey Vice, gets award and selected for the 13th annual CD compilation.


"Bad Cowboy" written by Eddie Cunningham, Jeffrey Vice, and Billy Hester, recorded by Jenny Slate produced by Jeffrey Vice.



  JESUS IS MORE THAN A NAME, crosses over and over.




~Former lead singer/songwriter and founder of Atlantic Records alternative Rock/Country group "Cowboys & Indians" 1987-90. A&R Rep Keith Cowan got an unsolicited tape in the mail from Eddie, a 4 song home studio recording of the band. Keith wanted to see them "live" so he set up a showcase at S. I. R. in Hollywood  and they recorded  2 albums worth of American Indian Tribal rock songs and Country rock/ballads. They Played gigs around town with "The Unforgivin'" (the pioneers of the spaghetti western craze in Hollywood). While honing his writing skills playing the Los Angeles songwriters circuit, and visiting the famous Palomino club in North Hollywood he ran into many songwriters including Jim Lauderdale, Jeffrey Steele (Boy Howdy), Monty Byrom (Big House), Dale Watson, James Inveld, Rosie Flores, Los Lobos, The Blasters, Dwight Yoakam and others. One of Eddie's favorite groups was a band from San Diego The Beat Farmers with Country Dick. Eddie has worked with Legendary names in the music and entertainment industry including, Desmond Child, Mickey Newbury, Michael Douglas, Danny Federichi, Berry Gordy, Carl Jackson and many others.

*Inspired by the way you write!...Challenged by the way you sing!...In awe of the passion in your soul!!!!......      KID VALENTINE  - OURSTAGE.COM
*I am loving what I hear from your first words, awesome voice!!!!!!!!! I am not sure of many women who would not love this song--I Am Your Man!!!!!!!Down A Dead End Road is so Hot----- OMG you can sing!!!!!!! You will rock your channels, and you could cross over with no problem to what ever you I AM YOUR MAN, by EDDIE CUNNINGHAM on OurStagewanted!!!!! CATHIE FREDRICKSON - OURSTAGE.COM

 I  will appear in another Kim Fowley film singing a song I wrote with Kim called "Redneck Nation" at a punk club in hollyweird dressed like Rob Zombie.

"I was taken" and " Child of the honky-tonk race" will be heard in a new movie called "Jesus & Elvis" and I also get to appear in the film. 

"Love" ,  "Hola mi amore" and "Puente" will be in another film called "Surviving in L. A."

I wrote and sang this song you're listening for a HBO mini series, this song is called "Down a dead end road".

I helped with the new APPLE / MAC  vs PC  song called, "Sad Song" "Vista Blues" .

Eddie's music downloads are for sale in many places, but all the sales from Wal-Mart  go to a friend in need.  thanks for your support. (so please lend your Wal-Mart®support to help me help a dear friend musician in need.) *already 117 down loads...thank you



Hollywood Temple Singers last performance of the year on the lawn on December 24th at The SRF in Hollywood. (10am) THAT WAS AWESOME! Thank you to the SRF & the folks in the choir who are so very nice and Bill Simpson our fearless leader. December 17th, The Hollywood Temple Singers perform at 2 convalescent homes in Hollywood spreading Christmas spirit, joy and cookies. Eddie records a Christmas CD with The Hollywood Temple Singers in India Hall at SRF on Sunset, Thursday December 14th, conducted by Bill Simpson. Eddie sings with the Hollywood Temple singers at The Mother Center ( Paramahansa Yoganandas's home base) in Mt. Washington for The Self Realization Fellowship 3 day Christmas, prayer, meditation extravaganza. (December 8,9, 10)

Born at "The Queen Of Angels" hospital in Los Angeles,  Eddie is the son of a Hillbilly Trucker, Veteran, steel worker, gambling,  teamster man & a Marilyn Monroe with red hair. Eddie began his singing,  songwriting journey as a child some thirty years ago cause it just came naturally. Today Eddie has shared the stage with many Top named recording artists including Jeffrey Steele, Montgomery Gentry, Brooks and Dunn, Vince Gill, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Bryan White, Joe Diffee, Aaron Tippin, Gary Morris, Keith Anderson, Jesse Colin Young, and the list goes on.  Eddie has won several contests including First Place at the "Country Music Showdown" at the Country Star in Hollywood at Universal Studios.

Appears in yet another Fowley film "Jukebox California" an arts & crafts musical collage starring  Mr. Fowley and friends, filmed by Roy Swedeen in the beautiful landscapes of Southern California’s Inland Empire.  Also, showcasing his singing and songwriting as himself and as "Big Orange & The Backyard Ramblers"  Eddie's art is displayed in the film and even has a cooking segment but, mostly he shows off his comedic personality. Eddie likes being a funny guy; in fact you may have caught him getting his chest waxed on an episode of “Jay walking” with Jay Leno on NBC one night. They played it four times, once in slow motion.  Jay couldn't believe it didn’t seem to bother Eddie, as he replied after the rip, “Will this get me on Survivor?” .    Eddie has a very serious side to him too; you may have seen him on the NBC morning show Good Day L.A., promoting a peace concert dedicated to the 9/11 victims singing a song called "WHY", which he originally wrote after the Columbine incident with Grammy winner Wendy Waldman. (This show made the 11:00 o'clock news on NBC, where Eddie was featured singing.)  

Brain child with Mike Ward they spearheaded the The Gram Parsons Notebook, "The Last Whippoorwill", for six years they ran around getting people involved like Jim Lauderdale, Dale Watson, Big House, Boy Howdy, Roger Alan Wade, The Woody's, Lona Hines and then we brought in the big guns Carl Jackson, Marty Stuart, Ricky Skaggs, The Elvis Band with James Burton and many many more awesome pickers  and singers. Gram would have been proud just to hear Carl sing: "Hickory Wind" . The album top the Americana  charts next to Willie Nelson, for several weeks and was even nominated for 3 Grammies. In that same week...Eddie  was the winner of the "Jim Beam Country Band Search" national talent contest and earned the title: "The Best Unsigned Artist in America".  Two years in a row Eddie was named Songwriter of the Year & Male Vocalist of the Year by the California Country Music Association. Eddie's song "Where the wind begins"  is a top song in the IAMA and it appears on the complilation for best acoustic.

Songs to mention: “If You Need a Miracle” (Ben E. King) / "I Was Taken" (Moe Bandy) / "Stage By Stage" (Chris Darrow) / "High But I Ain't Holdin" (Dale Watson) / "Memory Do Your Thing" (Todd Fritsch) / "A Little Hurt Goes  A Long Way" (Pete Martinez) / “Bad Cowboy” (Jenny Slate) / “Lay Your Burden Down To Die” (Mark Insley) .   Eddie’s songs and or vocals appears on NBC's - Dedicated to Country Music on the Web... period. Award Winning reality TV show "Starting Over", The E! True Hollywood Story “The Judd’s”,  CMT’s  "Greatest Tour Buses", Style Network, Black Starz, Encore, TBS, TNN, CBS & Hallmark's multi-Award Winning "Touched By An Angel",  Gundam Cartoon and more...In other news... Eddie is also a in demand demo singer in Los Angeles and Nashville and has worked with the likes of Bob Doyle (Garth Brooks), Berry Gordy, Desmond Child, Diane Warren, Mountain Dew, Florida Marlins, Ford, Chevy, Nissan, Dodge, Los Angeles Boat Show, Radio Gets Results, and many others.



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GOD SPEED! HOKA HEY! go where the wind begins...

Rest in peace, Jan Cunningham, Amy Yessian, Marvin Elkins, Duane Jarvis

My heart goes out to my Dear friend Kenny Lorenzetti, who lost his precious Mother Jackie, rest in peace I love you.

Pray for World PEACE OM

out! ~Eddie Cunningham

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